Thriving on an experience of over four decades, the scale of HORTEX HORGERATE HOLDING S.A. is magnified in its diversity, competence and relentless commitment to excel.
Established as an international intermediaries unit in 1992 to liaise between buyers and sellers of wood, agro-commodities, Scrap , Fish, Lamb and Beef products HORTEX HORGERATE HOLDING S.A., was the vision of its founder Mr. JONAS HANS, a dynamic entrepreneur.

Renewable combustibles

Wood has always been used as burning material from mankind and played an essential role to generate engery. Since the industrial processing of wood, by-products (sawdust, shavings, etc.) of the sawmilling industry aren′t solely used to produce wooden panel products, but are now used in large and professional scale to generate CO2-neutral fuels. With the trade of renewable combustibles under optimization of transport and distance, we make a significant contribution to actively fight climate change.

Become A Member/Costumers

Hortex carries a large assortment of Poland, Beef, Wood, and beverage brands. Our deals are incredible but our inventory turns over fast! If you’re interested in becoming a customer and take advantage of our incredible selection of products, we encourage you to have a glance at our offers


A wide network of strategic relationships with producers and suppliers throughout the globe, allows Hortex Horgerate Traders to source, procure and deliver products reliably, on a long-term basis.

Our Mission

To provide our esteemed clientele with the finest quality commodities. We believe this oath shall help us maintain goodwill amongst our valuable customers in spite of fluctuating market and international conditions

Growth and innovation are attributes quintessential to the Hortex Group and its company vision. Driven by the goal to grow, the same characteristics are imbibed in its dynamic workforce that promises to escalate their company to infinite heights through its aptitude and true spirit to perform